UltraPlay™ Playground Ball Packs

A complete assortment of our premium-quality rubber balls, in age-appropriate sizes.


Outfit your Physical Education class and school with all the balls you’ll need for recess and class activities! Each pack includes storage and balls in appropriate sizes for lower- or upper-elementary grades.

Everything You Need

Each pack includes all the balls you need for your playground! From tetherballs to footballs and utility balls, this pack will keep you covered for the whole year. All of the balls included in the pack are UltraPlay™ balls, which are the most durable rubber balls on the market. They are designed to combine a premium, durable construction with a soft, user-friendly feel, promoting years of true play and constant engagement by all students. Included are four VersaBag™ mesh bags to help you store it all.

Multiple Sizes and Colors

The primary difference between the two packs is the size of balls included. Lower-elementary packs contain smaller balls versus the upper-elementary. Otherwise, they feature the same number of each type of ball.  All of the balls come in Rainbow® sets, allowing them to be used for color relays or to split students up into different games and activities.

UltraPlay™ Playground Ball Pack Options

UltraPlay™ Playground Ball Packs are available in 2 grade-level packs. Each pack includes soccer balls, tetherballs, basketballs, volleyballs, utility balls, footballs, and 4 VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bags.

  • Lower-Elementary, 52 pieces
  • Upper-Elementary, 52 pieces


Ball Inflation Needles

  • Item No: 66-622
  • Unit: Set of 25
  • In Stock
  • Price: $8.95

Compact Inflator

  • Item No: 66-620
  • Unit: Ea
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  • Price: $105.00


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