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Screamin' Playground Packs
Rainbow® Coated-Foam Team Handballs
Rainbow® Medium-Density Fleece Balls
UltraPlay™ Playground Ball Packs
Fun Gripper™ Balls
Screamin' Utility Rubber Balls
ClassicCoat™ SuperSqueeze™ Coated-Foam Balls
Gopher 4-Square Balls
High-Density Premium Fleece Balls
SoftScore™ Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow GripGalore Dodgeballs
PEmoji Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow® SofTread™ Balls
SoffPlay™ Ball Pack
Gopher Itty™ Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow® Resilient™ Encased Foam Balls
Rubber Band Balls
Rainbow® TeddyBall™ Fleece Balls
Gopher Hybrid Playground Balls
Premium High-Bounce Balls
OMNIKIN® Multicolor Balls
Caliber Cage Ball
Rainbow® Nubz™ Balls
Poof® Soccer Ball
Gopher GoBig™ Balls
National Dodgeball League Rubber Dodgeballs
Rainbow® AirFoam™ Balls
Screamin' Playground Balls
Rainbow DuraBall Utility Balls
Rainbow® Low-Bounce Foam Balls
Rainbow MegaFlite Kickballs
ClassicCoat™ So-Low™ Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow® Itty™ Balls Pack

Create entertaining games during PE classes and on the playground when you buy activity balls from Gopher Sport!

Whether you need tough foam balls for PE classes or dependable playground balls for recess, you will find long-lasting options at Gopher.

Our top-notch foam balls will outlast any game! A superior coating makes them last longer than any other dodgeball balls. Specially-designed kickballs are ready to take flight and withstand every kick. If you’re looking to incorporate large-scale games into PE lessons or after-school programs, cage balls and beach balls are excellent choices.

When introducing younger students to throwing and catching basics, fleece balls are a fantastic non-intimidating option. You can also incorporate tactile balls into lesson plans for a new twist on traditional games.

Best of all, our activity balls are available in an assortment of ball packs! The variety of packs takes the guesswork out selecting balls for your PE class or rec program.

Shop for PE and recess balls at Gopher!