Beanbag Board Mats

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Fun twists on classic backyard beanbag board games in convenient mat form!

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Add a fun twist to traditional backyard games with these heavy-duty vinyl mats, each of which features full-color graphics that look like actual boards and are easy to set up. Two sets are available for 2 game variations.

Two Game Options

TidalToss™ is similar to the traditional 3-hole washer toss game. Students score points by tossing the beanbag in the different holes on the board for points, but lose points when the beanbags land in the sand or shark-infested water. Play in teams of 2 to 4. Included activity instructions have a list of 6 game variations that can be made. One has students perform a physical activity like jumping jacks or running in place after each score to help create more physical activity. Mat measure 72”L x 60”W and should be set up 10’ from students.

Baggs™ is like the common backyard game corn hole. Students toss the bags and try to land them on the board for 1 point or in the hole for 3 points. If the bag lands off the board in the grass, no points are awarded. This can be either played one-on-one or two-on-two. An included set of activity instructions features 4 game variants. One of these involves changing point values of the scoring areas to make games last longer or shorter, depending on the teacher’s preference. The mat measure 42”L x 32”W and should be set up 27’ apart for regulation distance.

High-Quality Design

These heavy-duty vinyl mats feature full-color graphics to make them look like actual popular backyard game boards without the need to lug around those large, clunky boards. They can be used either outdoors or indoors for a convenient, fun game option. All you need to do is take them out of storage, unfold them, and put them into place. When the game is over, simply fold them back up and place them into the storage bag.

The vinyl material makes these mats water resistant, which is useful when used outside. If they get dirty, they can be easily wiped clean.

Beanbag Board Mat Options

Beanbag Board Mats are available in 2 varieties:

  • TidalToss™
  • Baggs™