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Rainbow® Beanbag Balls


Unique design makes throwing and catching these beanbag balls easy for all users!

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    • Unit: Set of 6
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Featuring a round shape that fits perfectly into students’ palms, these bags are easy to grip at any age. Each 3” diameter ball features a 4-panel cotton cover with durable stitching.

Unique Shape

With a soft, ball-like design, these bags are great options for young students to use in catching and throwing activities. The beanbag ball easily fits into students’ palms and is much easier to grip and hold than traditional beanbags. In addition to tossing games, they can be used as substitutes for normal bags in any other beanbag games.

Soft, Safe Cotton Cover

Cotton is the softest and safest material we have to offer with our beanbags. It provides extra give when catching and throwing, which makes them easier to grip. Stretch stitching helps the ball to retain its shape by sewing the seams on the inside. The round shape comes from a 4-panel design.

Each Rainbow® Set of 6 beanbag balls comes with a custom carrying bag with a drawstring for easy storage and transportation.