Rainbow® Beanbag Bonanza™ Packs

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Nearly 100 beanbags in Rainbow® colors and your choice of material!

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Great for group activities and team identification, these class packs of beanbags come in quantities of 96, making them perfect for large classes and schools. The bags are available in a variety of materials and sizes to accommodate different ages and activities.

Multiple Material and Size Choices

These bags come in sets with 4 material options: nylon, cotton, polyester/cotton, and vinyl. Having these various choices allows teachers to choose their favorite option for their class.

  • Nylon is a soft yet durable option. The polyester/cotton mix is a soft material that has extra durability added into the stitching.
  • Cotton is by far the softest and safest material.
  • Vinyl is the most durable and is the only one recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.

The nylon, cotton, and poly/cotton packs include 4”, 5”, and 6” square beanbags, while the vinyl pack only includes 4” and 5” square beanbags. The variety pack contains an assortment of materials in 4” and 5”.

Great for Classroom Use

With each pack having 96 bags, gym teachers can get 1 set and be ready to go! Each set comes with a VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag, which makes it easy for teachers to store and transport bags before and after classes.

The bags also come in 6 Rainbow® colors, which makes it easy for teachers to divide students into different groups for each game, or to split them into different types of games.

Rainbow® Beanbag Bonanza™ Pack Options

Rainbow® Beanbag Bonanza™ Packs are available in packs of 96 in a variety of material options:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester/Cotton
  • Cotton
  • Variety Pack
  • Vinyl
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