Rainbow® Nylon Beanbags

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Extra-durable nylon is perfect for a range of activities.

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Bring durability to your beanbag games thanks to this heavy-duty 100% nylon design! Durable stitching ensures long-lasting integrity so you can play game after game for years to come.

Outstanding Durability

These square bags are made with 100% nylon, which is durable yet soft. Its softness makes these bags friendly for younger students, while their durability allows them to withstand the heavier usage of older students and outdoor games.

Stretch stitching helps the beanbag retain its shape throughout long, routine game play. It involves turning the edges inward and then sewing them shut on the inside so the edges don’t fray or come loose and let the inside spill out.

Options for Teachers

Rainbow® colors make it easy for teachers to divide students into different teams or games. The bags also come in 3 sizes, the smallest of which (4”) is perfect for the youngest students while the 5” is the best general option when used in varying age ranges.

An included drawstring storage bag makes it easy to store and transport beanbags. It also keeps them organized and clean!

Rainbow® Nylon Beanbag Options

Rainbow® Nylon Beanbags are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 3 sizes.

  • 4” sq
  • 5” sq
  • 6” sq
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