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Rainbow® Tri-Toss™

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Unique design brings a new element of fun to all traditional tossing activities!

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These bottom-weighted, pyramid-shaped beanbags provide a better grip and more tossing control as they easily fit in the palm of your hand! Use them to add a twist into your traditional beanbag games.

Unique Design

The pyramid design and weighted base make it easier for students to grip and control these bags when they toss. This unique-shaped bag can be used as a substitute for regular bags in all traditional beanbag games. Thanks to their small size (3.5” x 2.5”), they easily fit into the hands of students of all ages!

Polyurethane Cover

A heavy-duty polyurethane cover is both smooth and durable. This design allows them to be used both indoors in sliding games across smooth gym floors and outdoors where they will withstand heavy use.

Stretch stitching allows each to retain its shape because the edges are folded inward and sewn together. This prevents the edges from curling and fraying and keeps the bag in play longer!

Rainbow® Colors

Our eye-popping Rainbow® colors make class and activity organization a breeze. Teachers can easily divide students into groups based on age, activity, skill level, or any other metric to get games started quickly.

Each set include 1 of each Rainbow® color, and each bag has a 3.5” base and is 2.5”H.


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