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Rainbow Beanbag Bonanza Packs
Team Beanbag Set

Team Beanbag Set

Rainbow Nylon Beanbags
Rainbow Polyester/Cotton Beanbags
Rainbow Vinyl Beanbags
Rainbow Cotton Beanbags

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Create fun throwing activities and games with your purchase of beanbag sets from Gopher Sport!

With a highly-versatile design, PE teachers can use beanbags for schools and organize games like Hot Potato, juggling, and much more. Students can also test their aiming skills while playing with beanbag toss activity sets. Easily create teams by assigning students a Rainbow beanbag set.

Add a learning element to activities by incorporating math, spelling, and color recognition using beanbags equipped with numbers and letters. Along with the traditional square design, Gopher also offers beanbag rings, balls, and dice for ultimate versatility

Which beanbags are right for you?


  • Nylon: For sliding activities, indoor/outdoor play. Softer, yet durable.
  • Polyester/Cotton: For sliding activities, indoor play. Softest, safest.
  • Vinyl: For low-slide activities, indoor/outdoor play. Soft, longer-lasting.


  • 4”: For younger users; easier to handle, more stable, and lightweight.
  • 5”: For all ages and experience levels.
  • 6”: For intermediate, middle, and high school students; heavier and harder to toss.


  • Overlock: Looped threads prevent unraveling.
  • Double: Increases strength and rip resistance.
  • Stretch: No-curl edges for better shape retention.

Purchase beanbags students will enjoy for classes and years to come.

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