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Baggo Beanbag Game
GamePlay BagMania Set
GamePlay AlterToss Beanbag Board
GamePlay InstaToss Set
Beanbag Game Mats
Beanbag Board Mats
Rainbow Beanbag Bocce Set
Team Beanbag Set

Team Beanbag Set

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Shop for beanbag games from Gopher Sport and incorporate fun tossing games into your lesson plan!

Teach students the basics of throwing and aiming with beanbag toss games! Throw toward the target with an individual hole, or mix things up and create a custom configuration on boards with 3 holes! These games are easy to use indoors or out during PE classes and after-school programs.

For a fun twist on traditional beanbag games, our heavy-duty vinyl mats look like actual boards but are easier to transport and store. Other mats allow you to incorporate strategy into class using tic-tac-toe and target designs. Easily incorporate math skills into PE lessons as students tally points.

Aim for new academic and physical targets with your purchase of beanbags games from Gopher!