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Climbing Holds and Accessories
ULTRAVERSE™ Climbing Wall Obstacle Course
Polyplus Indoor Climbing Ropes
Premium Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes
ULTRAVERSE™ Painted Climbing Walls
ULTRAVERSE™ Complete Climbing Wall Packages
Climbing Rope/Net Accessories
Indoor Climbing Nets
Un-Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes
Rope Hoist with Lock Box
The Beast™ Climber

The Beast™ Climber

Scaler and Frames

Scaler and Frames

ULTRAVERSE™ Neoprene-Covered Climbing Walls
ULTRAVERSE™ HangTime Toss™ Activity Pack
Net Hanging Hardware Package
Top Rope Climbing Walls
Safari Climbing Obstacles
Magna Magnetic Climbing Wall
Chroma Climbing Walls
Purple ULTRAVERSE SafetyClose Mat

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Shop for safe and durable climbing equipment from Gopher Sport!

Make buying the ideal indoor kids climbing equipment for your PE class easy when selecting from Gopher's assortment. Traversing walls are an exciting way to teach students about dexterity, problem solving, and focus.

Create fun and entertaining climbing experiences for students during PE classes with painted or neoprene-covered climbing walls. Panels vary in height, width, and style so you can get the wall that suits your students' needs.

Durable climbing ropes for PE are capable of weathering heavy institutional use by students. Less intimidating climbing nets will help hone body strength and coordination for students who are new to the activity.

Find dependable climbing equipment at Gopher!