Climbing Holds and Accessories

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Strong, durable climbing holds, wall accessories, and hardware.

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You’ve got the wall, now get the accessories! Climbing holds and accessories are the best way to take climbing to the next level, whether by introducing more challenging holds or putting obstacles in place to increate coordination and problem solving. 7 accessories are available, all compatible with ULTRAVERSE™ climbing walls, as well as other traditional walls.

A Variety of Holds

Choose from a number of versatile holds to use with your climbing wall, with different shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels available, including pockets, pinches, jugs, crimps, and edges. Color-coded hand holds identify difficulty levels, which means teachers can have students climb specific paths using certain colors for added challenges. Green holds are larger and designed for beginners; Purple holds are medium-sized and designed for intermediate climbers; and Red holds are the smallest and most challenging to use.

Choose from Sets of 10 in each color to add to variety to your climbing walls or pick a variety pack of 20 holds (7 large, 7 medium, 6 small) for infinite opportunities. A hybrid resin construction enables holds to fit any climbing panel system, ensuring you can use all holds to their fullest.

Specialty Holds and Accessories

In addition to traditional holds, specialty holds are also available for an added degree of challenge and fun.

  • HoopHolder™ holds are designed to position hoops on the wall, encouraging students to traverse through them for a challenging dexterity test.
  • RodHolder™ holds come with a fixture to hold an included plastic rod that extends outward parallel to the floor, so students will have to traverse around the rod for another challenge.

To mount holds of all styles and sizes, durable T-Nuts are available in sets of 50. Nuts are universal and can be used to quickly mount and secure holds.

Instruction and Activities

Two resource books offer teachers a chance to enhance their climbing curriculum. The ULTRAVERSE™ Climbing Curriculum Guide is organized by ability and progresses by level:

  • Level 1 activities help students become acquainted with the climbing wall.
  • Level 2 is full of fundamental activities that teach a wide range of skills for groups of all ages and abilities.
  • Level 3 activities integrate other skills including math and language arts. These activities allow students to use cognitive and physical skills.
  • Level 4 activities are dedicated to skilled climbers. All level activities can be adjusted based on class size and student' abilities.

A Traversing Walls Activity Book is also available, providing you with 68 engaging activities that can be implemented to make traverse wall climbing more fun and exciting! The authors provide numerous suggestions for expanding on the games and ideas presented in the book, as well. In fact, virtually any intellectual ability, academic task, popular game, or equipment can be incorporated into climbing activities, and many teachers have combined the activities with other subject matter, such as math and geography!

Climbing Hold and Accessory Options

Climbing Holds and Accessories are available in assorted options, with climbing resources also available.

  • Holds and Accessories
    • Large Beginner Holds, Green
    • Medium Intermediate Holds, Purple
    • Small Advanced Holds, Red
    • Assorted Holds Set (7 Large, 7 Medium, 6 Small)
    • HoopHolder™ Hold
    • RodHolder™ Hold with Rod
    • T-Nuts
  • Climbing Resources
    • ULTRAVERSE™ Climbing Curriculum Guide
    • Traversing Walls Activity Book