Polyplus Indoor Climbing Ropes

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The softest ropes are friendly, strong, and rot resistant.

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Optimal for heavy institutional use, you’ll never have to worry about fraying, rotting, or unraveling with Polyplus climbing ropes. User-friendly ropes are available in numerous lengths, knot types, and end styles.

Soft, Yet Strong

These 1.5” dia ropes feature a strong, lightweight polypro core that’s protected by a soft, durable polyester outside jacket layer. An extremely soft rope, it’s friendlier to the hands than manila or un-manila ropes, and its texture mimics the feel of cotton for a soft, tactile grip. These friendly ropes boast excellent durability and longevity, even in the face of institutional wear. Excellent moisture and UV resistance characteristics make it a long-term solution to PE classes.

The top of the rope has an indoor metal fitting for easy installation and added security for students climbing it.

Numerous Options

Five different rope lengths are available: 15', 18', 20', 22', and 24'. Numerous lengths give teachers the opportunity to proportion ropes perfectly in activity areas—climbing ropes should measure the distance between the floor and ceiling with a foot of bottom clearance deducted. Custom lengths are available if required (contact for details).

3 distinct knot types are available on climbing ropes to help facilitate the best grip for students:

  • Rest Grip Knots are woven and spliced into the rope at 18" (46 cm) intervals to provide a better grip and areas to rest when ascending the rope.
  • Beginner Knots are large knots tied in the rope itself that form platforms every 18 inches (46 cm) for even more climbing assistance. This is the best option for younger students and beginning climbers.
  • No Knot ropes are also available, and are the most challenging option for older students.

Finally, select 1 of 2 end styles to complete your climbing experience.

  • Polyboot Ends are a non-raveling poly "boot", permanently attached to the rope-end. This is the most durable option for rope longevity, as it ensures the rope end will stay intact even under heavy duress.
  • Turk's Head Knot end is a second popular option that adds stability and comfort for the climber by providing a bottom base to rest on. This is a great option for beginners because they can balance on the rope with the foothold platform and get situated before starting their climb.

Polyplus Indoor Climbing Rope Options

Polyplus Indoor Climbing Ropes are available in 5 lengths, 3 knot styles, and 2 end styles.

  • Length
    • 15’L
    • 18’L
    • 20’L
    • 22’L
    • 24’L
  • Knot Style
    • No Knots
    • Rest Grip Knots
    • Beginner Knots
  • End Style
    • Polyboot
    • Turk’s Head