Premium Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes

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Provides outstanding longevity and feel for developing climbing skills as well as arm and shoulder strength!

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The most common standard for indoor climbing ropes, manila material is the best-wearing option around, capable of weathering heavy institutional wear over time. From PE class, to CrossFit studios, to military training, and beyond, climbing ropes are a great way to build upper-body strength and confidence. Select from numerous different options for your manila training rope for climbing in schools.

The Gold Standard of Ropes

Manila is the most common material style for climbing ropes, and has been in use at military bases and shipyards for decades because of its supreme resilience. Premium manila qualifies as the best-wearing rope, meaning it’s going to stand up to heavy institutional wear longer than lesser materials. Our superior-quality, Grade A, three-strand manila is splinter-free and absorbs perspiration for a secure grip! Measuring 1.5” dia, ropes are easy to grip and grasp, making for a more comfortable climb.

Build Strength and Confidence

From gym class, to military training, to CrossFit, rope climbing exercises represent a great measure of an athlete’s upper body strength and endurance. Teachers can use this proven test in gym class to help gauge a student’s abilities, as well as their progress over time. Have students climb the rope on Day 1 to see where they start at the beginning of the year, then climb it 30 days later or at the end of the school year to compare climbing rates or heights. Climbing can truly help boost a student's confidence and self-esteem by showing the progress they’ve made!

Numerous Options

Choose from 5 different lengths of rope—15', 18', 20', 22', and 24'—to ensure your facilities are optimally outfitted. Climbing ropes should be installed so the rope measures the full distance between the floor and ceiling, with 1 foot deducted at the bottom for ground clearance. Teachers don't want to have any excess rope laying on the ground that students could potentially trip over while another student is climbing! Custom lengths are also available (contact for details).

Selecting the appropriate knot type is also imperative. We offer 3 distinct knot types, giving students the best grip:

  • The Rest Grip Knot style is woven and spliced into the rope at 18" (46 cm) intervals to provide a better grip when ascending the rope, as well as rest areas when descending.
  • Beginner Knots are large knots tied in the rope itself that form platforms every 18 inches (46 cm) for climbing assistance.
  • No Knot style is also available, for advanced climbers who don’t need any sort of assistance to ascend ropes.

Finally, choose from 2 different end styles:

  • Polyboot Ends are constructed with a non-raveling poly "boot" that is permanently attached to rope-end. This is the most durable end style and ensures the rope end will stay intact, with no way to unravel.
  • The Turk's Head Knot is also an end option that adds stability and comfort for the climber. A leather seat and large knot provide sure-footing as a "platform" right from the get-go, which is ideal for beginners who need help getting into position to climb.

Premium Manila Indoor Climbing Rope Options

Premium Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes are available in 5 lengths, 3 knot styles, and 2 end styles.

  • Length
    • 15’L
    • 18’L
    • 20’L
    • 22’L
    • 24’L
  • Knot Style
    • No Knots
    • Rest Grip Knots
    • Beginner Knots
  • End Style
    • Polyboot
    • Turk’s Head