Rope Hoist with Lock Box

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Raise rope for storage, then securely lock it to prevent unsupervised climbing.

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This climbing rope hoist features a raised tightening system that keeps ropes out of the way and properly secured when not in use. Choose from a simple rope hoist for indoor climbing ropes in gyms, or one that features a lockbox for added security.

Secure Nets When Not in Use

When gym class concludes or you’re done with ropes, instead of detaching them and hauling them into storage, simply hoist them and secure them for next time! Teachers can use this system to keep their ropes up and out of the way, minimizing effort needed to store ropes and maximizing activity space in the gym.

An additional benefit of this climbing rope hoist involves the ability to keep students off of the rope during unauthorized times, eliminating safety hazards and concerns. Simply secure lockboxes via a key that only teachers have, you’ll never have to worry about mischievous students getting up to heights that are unsafe without supervision.

Two Different Systems

Choose from 2 different systems based on the needs of your facilities to keep ropes raised and secured while not in use. One system offers a basic set up that simply hoists the climbing rope up and out of the way. It includes 2 wall brackets—1 mounted up high on the wall and the other about 5' high from the floor—to tighten the 60' long rope with a weighted end around the bottom cleat. Hoist included.

The other system is the same concept, with the addition of a lockbox safety feature. The bottom cleat is completely enclosed in a metal lock box so teachers can lock up the wound, weighted rope when the climbing rope is hoisted up and over to the wall.

Systems include 2 wall brackets, hoist, and 60'L (18.30 m) rope with weighted end. Two-rope maximum; 70 lb (31.75 kg) weight limit.

Rope Hoist with Lock Box Options

Rope Hoist with Lock Box is available in 2 styles.

  • Rope Hoist with Lock Box
  • Rope Hoist Only