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The Beast™ Climber


The Beast™ turns climbing challenges upside-down!

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Put upper- and lower-body strength simultaneously to the test as you traverse this horizontal climbing net structure upside down! It’s safer than vertical climbing, with double the challenge, and will put an exciting twist on your climbing unit—especially in areas without room for a traditional rope, net, or scaler. Steel construction makes The Beast™ Climber tremendously durable.

A New Climbing Challenge

Unlike vertical climbing ropes that demand upper-body strength, this horizontal climbing challenge requires use of both your upper- and lower-body to get from one end to the other. Use arms to support the weight of your body against gravity, while hooking legs through the mesh as a way to support yourself as you keep moving! With each pull forward, students will have to maintain their weight distribution, coordinate full-body movement, and endure the instability of the rope. It’s a grueling task!

While it might be a more strenuous way to teach climbing, this climbing net structure is also a safer option when compared to vertical climbing. Students are only inches off of the ground at all times, meaning any fall is a short one and the potential for injury on impact is minimal. It's still recommended to have at least a 2" foam mat underneath, however.

Superior Durability

Constructed with steel and aluminum, the frame of The Beast™ Climber features a powder-coated finish for added durability and resistance to scratching, chipping, or fading. Moreover, the frame and net structure together hold up to 250 lb.

Measuring 10'L x 5'W x 32"H, this climber features an overall smaller footprint than most other climbing systems. And, thanks to its lightweight, yet durable construction, it weighs just 125 lb—light enough for 2 people to easily move! Truck delivery.