ULTRAVERSE™ Complete Climbing Wall Packages

The most complete and unique kid’s climbing wall systems available - in 2 wall choices!


Enter the world of ULTRAVERSE™ and outfit your PE curriculum with a fun and exciting way to teach dexterity, problem solving, and focus. Packs include all of the essential climbing wall equipment for schools with everything you need to mount them, as well as safety materials, holds, obstacle sets, and teaching materials for more than 40 climbing activities. Various wall panel heights, widths, and styles help tailor the walls to your students’ needs or available activity space.

Teach Climbing

ULTRAVERSE™ climbing wall packs are an all-in-one way to introduce climbing and traversing to students, in a controlled environment that’s equal parts challenging and fun! Packs come with a bevy of critical climbing supplies, including an assortment of climbing holds, Gopher's exclusive ULTRAVERSE climbing wall obstacle set and a climbing rules sign to clearly display what is and isn't safe.

The assortment of holds included with packs includes large (beginner) holds, medium (intermediate) holds, and small (advanced) holds. Not only can holds be swapped out for different levels of challenge as students progress in skill and comfort, they can also be arranged on the wall in infinite setups to always keep things fresh!

Among the obstacles available, you’ll find holds for hoops and rods, which enable hoops and rods to be snapped in place right on the wall. Students will have to maneuver around and through the obstacles for added challenges.

In addition to physical climbing equipment, ULTRAVERSE™ packs also come with a climbing curriculum guide, showcasing with 40 fun and challenging climbing activities that range from building muscle strength, and dexterity, to developing cooperation and problem-solving skills.

Durable, Reliable, Safe

ULTRAVERSE™ walls offer supreme stability when erected because they’re anchored in place. Wall panels mount easily to most walls using the mounting hardware included in the pack. And, because the panels fit on nearly any wall, climbing can be set up in many different places to best accommodate the schools' needs.

As students climb, a safety zone clearly marks the height from the floor, to remind students to stay at safe heights at all times while traversing. The point of a safety zone is to make it clear to all climbers exactly how high their feet can be while working across the climbing wall.

Rely on Gopher's premium-quality ULTRAVERSE™ Safety Close Mat System to keep students save and lessen the risk of injury while they’re climbing. Safety mats lay out while students are climbing on the wall and can be quickly put up and buckled close when the class is over. A single person can close and lock the wall with this system so teachers won't have to worry about storing safety mats for the wall anywhere else.

Designed for Your Needs

Choose from 2 different types of 3/4" thick wall panels to best fit the needs of your class. The first is a traditional painted wall, which features a textured epoxy and sand coating on the surface. Painted walls are durable and will stand up to being continually touched and kicked by students. Textured walls also provide a more "rock-like" surface for climbers, allowing feet to better grip the climbing wall.

Neoprene-covered walls feature a thin layer of soft neoprene material over the wood panel. Neoprene-covered panels are safer and more user-friendly, especially for younger climbers. Neoprene walls are also a non-intimidating way to introduce students to climbing, without the prospect of rough, harsh textures in front of them.

Both wall styles come in 2 heights—either 8' or 10'—as well as 2 different widths—either 20' or 40' wide—to help you tailor your climbing to meet the size of your available space.

ULTRAVERSE™ Complete Climbing Wall Package Options

ULTRAVERSE™ Complete Climbing Wall Packages are available in 2 heights, 2 widths, in 2 styles with mats. Truck delivery.

  • Height
    • 8’H
    • 10’H
  • Width
    • 20’W Wall with Mats
    • 40’W Wall with Mats
  • Style
    • Painted Walls
    • Neoprene-Covered Walls
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