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ULTRAVERSE™ HangTime Toss™ Activity Pack

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Hang tight and take your tossing skills and teamwork to new heights!

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Numerous Activity Options

With a wide assortment of equipment pieces to engage an entire class in games and activities, it’s easy to coordinate different exercises that keep students entertained and engaged. Students will need to traverse across the wall while simultaneously working to achieve a goal based on the game being played. For example, accuracy games may include traversing the wall while throwing playground balls into target nets or dropping beanbags into hoops. The possibilities for different games are endless with all of the equipment!

The chief goal in incorporating different equipment is to help students develop balance, strength, hand-eye coordination, and many other skills involved in traverse climbing. Each game can focus on incorporating one or more focuses into climbing to extrapolate its benefits. Students can even work together on teams to help develop communication and team work!

Bright Colors

All of the equipment for different wall climbing activities in school featured in this pack exudes vibrant Rainbow® coloring. Specific coloring helps teachers maintain organization in classes by assigning specific colors to specific students, or designating different actions via color. Colors are also a great way to spice up traditional games—rules and point values can be coordinated via colors, to keep students on their toes at all times.