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ULTRAVERSE™ Neoprene-Covered Climbing Walls

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This soft-covered traverse wall reaches the summit of safety!

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Take the intimidation out of learning to climb and give your youngest students a friendly-feeling wall to traverse! Neoprene walls prevent scrapes and bruises on the knees and elbows, so students can concentrate on reaching the next hold safely. Panels mount securely to any wall in your gym or activity room, and come in 2 heights and widths for optimal outfitting. Walls come with an assortment of holds to help you create a great experience for your students.

Safe Wall Construction

Safely introduce young climbers to bouldering on these soft-covered neoprene traverse walls, which create a non-intimidating alternative to textured, painted options. The 1/4” foam backing and soft neoprene cover are gentle to the touch and offer forgiveness when students bump knees and elbows into the wall as they learn to traverse it.

These friendly-to-the-touch walls features designs with a scenic mountain print and a foliage line that marks a safety guide for foot placement. Students can climb across the tree tops, and enjoy the view while staying in the safety zone and at safe heights. This soothing, picturesque print builds confidence, while also making brightly-colored holds easier to see.

Outfit Your Space

Walls come in lengths of 20’L (5 4’W panels) or 40’L (10 4’W panels), with height options of 8’H or 10’H. 20’L walls accommodate up to 5 climbers at a time and 40’L walls can allow 10 climbers, giving you the ability to keep small groups engaged and excited about climbing.

Shorter, 8’H walls are great for elementary students, while middle school students and older climbers will enjoy 10’H walls. The 10'H walls are two-piece panels that come in 8' and 2' high sections. Both heights are available in individual panels as well, so schools can get the exact width they need to equip their walls.

Panels mount directly to walls with included bolts and anchors. Power drill bits are also included for a secure installation. Schools can turn nearly any wall into their climbing space!

Holds Included

Walls include climbing holds to ensure students always have a bright, easy-to-see point they can reach for on the wall. Enjoy 100 holds with 20’W walls and 200 holds with 40’W walls. Holds are easily moved around and locked into place with an included hex wrench, so teachers can keep climbing patterns fresh and adjust the difficulty level based on the group that will be climbing.

A wall sign with climbing safety rules is also included that teachers can go over with their class before starting climbing activities.

ULTRAVERSE™ Neoprene-Covered Climbing Wall Options

ULTRAVERSE™ Neoprene-Covered Climbing Walls are available in sets in 2 heights and 2 widths. Individual Panel also sold separately. Truck delivery.

  • 8’H. Appropriate height for elementary ages.
    • 20’W Wall with 5 panels and 100 holds.
    • 40’W Wall with 10 panels and 200 holds.
  • 10’H. Appropriate height for middle school ages and up.
    • 20’W Wall with 5 panels and 125 holds.
    • 40’W Wall with 10 panels and 250 holds.
  • Components
    • Individual Panel, 4’W
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