ULTRAVERSE™ Painted Climbing Walls

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Institutional-quality plywood panels designed for exceptional durability, structural strength, and long-lasting performance.

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A classic standard for a traverse climbing wall, these painted and textured walls will withstand institutional wear and continue looking and functioning perfectly. Use them to teach coordination, balance, and strength, along with a number of cognitive skills to meet national Physical Education requirements! Walls feature easy installation and versatility through different hold placements. Walls are available in 2 heights and widths.

Develop Critical Skills

Traverse climbing on indoor climbing walls for students addresses national physical education goals by building physical skills such as strength, balance, and coordination. It also develops interpersonal skills such as communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution, promoting better cognition among developing students. Problem solving, planning, and decision making skills are engaged during traverse games and other challenges, making bouldering walls a highly effective way to hone critical skills!

A wall sign with climbing safety rules included with each wall allows teachers to go over proper form and essential rules with their classes before the day’s activities begin. This promotes a better traversing experience and helps to ensure the proper focus is being put on skill development.

Superb Construction

Institutional-quality plywood panels feature exceptional durability, structural strength, and long-lasting performance. Walls have a smooth top edge and textured surface to give climbers the look and feel of a true rock wall. Super-durable sand and epoxy coating on the panels adds a degree of traction for students while climbing, helping them catch missteps or solidify their footing as they learn the nuances of moving from hold to hold.

A tan-colored "safety zone" at the bottom of the wall clearly shows climbers the boundary for safe placement of feet. Keeping feet within the designated area helps students focus on good form and proper maneuvering. And, because traverse climbing is a safer type of climbing challenge that doesn't require ropes or harnesses, students will be free to move at a pace that’s right for them!

These walls also include a selection of kids climbing holds. You can easily rearrange and locked into place with an included hex wrench to adjust the challenge of a wall or simply to keep climbing activities fresh each day.

Outfit Any Space

Walls come in lengths of 20’L (five 4’W panels) or 40’L (ten 4’W panels), with height options of 8’H or 10’H. 20’L walls accommodate up to 5 climbers at a time, while 40’L walls allow 10 climbers ample space to traverse. These larger panel sizes ensure your small group is able to get involved, instead of standing idly by, waiting their turn to climb.

Shorter, 8’H walls are great for elementary students; 10’H walls are best suited to older students and those with more advanced skills. 10'H walls come in two-piece panels measuring 8' and 2'H, with both heights available in individual panels as well, so schools can get the exact width that they need to properly outfit their wall.

Installing walls is easy! Predrilled 3/4" thick x 4'W (2 cm thick x 1.20 m) panels mount to your wall with included bolts and anchors. Panels fit on nearly any wall, allowing schools to pick exactly where they want the activity to take place.

ULTRAVERSE™ Traverse Climbing Wall Options

ULTRAVERSE™ Traverse Climbing Walls are available in 2 heights and 2 widths. Individual Panel sold separately. Truck delivery.

  • 8’H. Appropriate height for elementary ages.
    • 20’W Wall with 5 panels and 100 holds.
    • 40’W Wall with 10 panels and 200 holds.
  • 10’H. Two-piece panels come in 8'H and 2'H sections. Appropriate height for middle school ages and up.
    • 20’W Wall with 5 panels and 125 holds.
    • 40’W Wall with 10 panels and 250 holds.
  • Components
    • Individual Panel, 4’W
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