Un-Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes

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The look and feel of manila climb ropes, with superior strength and 33% of the weight!s!

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Enjoy tremendous durability and a lighter weight option than traditional manila ropes by selecting an un-manila option. It combines the best features of manila and polyplus ropes to provide you with an optimal middle ground that’s ideal for most students. Choose from numerous rope lengths, knot styles, and end styles.

Optimal Construction

Measuring 1.5” dia for optimal grip and hand-feel, un-manila ropes are the supremely balanced option in the world of climbing ropes. These ropes consist of a specially-manufactured, mildew-resistant polypropylene material, which looks and feels like natural-fiber manila ropes, while also offering superior strength at 2/3 the weight. Because of the combination of manila and polyplus ropes, it has the benefit of being strong (polyplus) while also having a superb grip (manila). In addition, ropes are rot and mildew resistant to promote longevity.

Numerous Options

With 5 rope lengths available—15', 18', 20', 22', and 24'—it’s easy to select the optimal length for your gym or activity area. Custom lengths are also available (contact for details). Climbing ropes should measure the full distance between the floor and ceiling, with a foot of length deducted from the bottom to prevent spooling. Excess rope can create a potential trip hazard for students waiting their turn to climb.

After selecting a rope length, it’s also important to choose a knot style:

  • The Rest Grip Knot is characterized by knots that are woven and spliced into the rope at 18" (46 cm) intervals, providing grip points for the length of the climb and rest areas when descending.
  • The Beginner Knot style offers large knots tied in the rope itself, which form platforms every 18” (46 cm) for climbing assistance. These knot styles are great for budding climbers still acclimating.
  • A No Knot style presents a challenge reserved for adept climbers and older students seeking a challenge.

Finally, choose from 2 end styles to complete your rope:

  • The Polyboot End features a poly "boot", permanently attached to the rope-end. This is the most durable option for the rope, protecting it from bottom fraying and eventual unraveling.
  • The other option is the Turk's Head Knot end, which is a popular option for adding stability and comfort for the climber—a leather seat and large knot at the base of the rope provide a true starting point foothold. This is a great option for beginners because they can mount the rope on the platform and get situated before attempting to climb.

Un-Manila Indoor Climbing Rope Options

Un-Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes are available in 5 lengths, 3 knot styles, and 2 end styles.

  • Length
    • 15’L
    • 18’L
    • 20’L
    • 22’L
    • 24’L
  • Knot Style
    • No Knots
    • Rest Grip Knots
    • Beginner Knots
  • End Style
    • Polyboot
    • Turk’s Head