Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music


High-energy music motivates kids to dance.

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Want to pump up the energy in your class? Blast some of these favorite, clean hip hop dance songs with school-friendly lyrics to get your kids up and moving.

Made for Schools

No need to spend the time looking for school-friendly lyrics! These CDs contain songs that motivate students to get active and dance, with lyrics that are appropriate for class. Each CD contains songs with lyrics and instrumental versions. There are plenty of high-energy, fast-paced songs as well as slower-paced songs to give your kids plenty of variety.

Track Lists

Two CDs mean you do not have to play the same tracks over and over! Each CD includes song descriptions, a track list, the beats per minute and the time length.

CDs feature the following songs:

  • Volume 1: Work Your Body, The Bounce, Came To Dance, Old School Break, Step Into My World, Floor Shaker, Move to the Tempo, Clappin Groove, and Electric Zone.
  • Volume 2: Get Funky, Urban Groove, Shake It Down, Talk About It, The I-10, Krunk & Krazy, The Drip, Wuz Up, TLC, Soul Glow, and LA Night.

Christy Lane’s Hip Hop Music CD Options

Christy Lane’s Hip Hop Music CDs are available in 2 volumes.

  • Volume 1
  • Volume 2