Rainbow® Rhythm Ribbon Wands Set

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Brighten up your movement activities for kids with these colorful sparkle wands!

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These ribbons add a touch of color and fun to any class. Use the shorter ribbons for early childhood age groups, with the longer ones for elementary students. 

Develop Skills

Using these ribbon wands helps children to develop coordination and rhythm at an early age, while increasing their range of motion. The ribbons move slowly, so to create shapes and waves they must develop a sense of the correct timing.

In general, ribbon wands are known to spark creativity and imagination. They can be used to create a wide variety of patterns and shapes in the air while dancing, running, jumping, or even standing in place.

Quality Choice

The ends of each wand have been heat cut, which prevents them from fraying as the end is completely sealed. All wands come in fun Rainbow® colors, which makes them perfect for use in relay activities or team games.

Everything You Need

The Complete Set includes 12 of both 3’L and 6’L ribbons and the CD/Guide. The CD/Guide gets you prepared for hand-clapping, foot-stomping, toe-tapping, repetitive rhythmic routines. Diverse rhythms, such as African, Reggae, Cha Cha, Bossa Nova and Rap, and cool musical action songs with a pattern and purpose all help to encourage movement and imaginative play, adaptable for children with special needs. “Shake Your Ribbon,” “Months of the Year,” “Ribbons in the Air,” ”Ribbon Dance Days,” and “Ribbon & Rap” are just a few of the fun songs and activities to play with!

Rainbow® Rhythm Ribbon Wands Set Options

Rainbow® Rhythm Ribbon Wands are available as a Complete Set with 24 ribbons (12 ea 3'L, 6'L) aCD/Guide or as Sets of 6. CD/Guide also sold separately.

  • Complete Set
  • 3’L Ribbons Set
  • 6’L Ribbons Set
  • CD/Guide