Rhythm Sticks Set

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Further develop your students' musical skills with these wood rhythm sticks.

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Rhythm sticks help your students to further develop their rhythm and motor skills. Get a whole set so your students can begin tapping away! All sticks are made of wooden dowels cut into 10” lengths.

Applicable for Many Skills

There are a variety of different motions for which you can use these sticks, which makes them extremely versatile. Some examples include pushing, tapping, side-to-side motions, hopping, kicking, hammering, flipping, tapping high, and more! All moves are demonstrated by the illustrations found in the included guide. As students practice these motions, they will develop their fine and gross motor skills, coordination, concentration, creativity, and overall rhythmic awareness.

Four Sections

There are 4 sections of instructions available with each set. The first is an explanation of the format, followed by count-by-count written instructions, then teaching of these instructions needed in the routine, and finally illustrations of the activities used in the routine. Routines are arranged to “I Believe in Music,” “Leroy Brown,” “Godspell Medley,” “Carousel Waltz,” “Alley Cat,” and “12th Street Rag.” All instructions, as well as music and instrumental tracks, are available on the included CD.

Rhythm Sticks Set Options

Rhythm Sticks Sets are available as a Complete Set with CD/Guide or as a Set of 24. CD/Guide also sold separately.

  • Complete Set
  • Sticks Only (Set of 24)
  • CD/Guide