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Keep students moving and learning during PE classes with your purchase of DVDs and CDs from Gopher Sport!

Well-defined workouts and dance routines on these DVDs and CDS teach students about the benefits of exercise, while also having fun. Energizing music encourages movement, while videos reinforce proper form with entertaining dances.

These instructional DVDs build foundational dance skills in dancers of all ages and skill levels. They also give teachers the opportunity to create activity stations during circuit training in PE classes. Students will learn how to follow basic directional cues set to engaging beats.

When a PE teacher does not have access to a television, grab one of our CDs to teach students how to move and groove to the beat. Add variety with fast and slow songs, great for brain breaks during academic periods.

Bust a move while having fun when purchasing dance CDs and DVDs for PE classes from Gopher!

Circuit Training and PE Stations
Fit Kids Classroom Workout DVD
Building Dances Set
All-Time Favorite Dances CD
Steppin' & Stompin'
Christy Lane's Dance Mega Hits
Everybody Dance CD
Hip Hop 4 Kids with Cat DVD
Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music
Christy Lane's Hip Hop Basics
Sports and Novelty Themes CD
Stretch & Yoga Music

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