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GoLow Limbo Set

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Buy rhythm and dance sets for physical education classes from Gopher Sport!

Make students aware of the connection between music and movement using dance resources during PE classes and after-school programs. Our easy-to-use sets allow teachers to quickly set up rhythm games for the entire class.

Teachers can use buckets and balls to combine rhythm and fitness into one heart-pounding PE game! Our custom activity instructions encourage fun and creativity during class, while also providing students with a full-body workout. You can then move on to a limbo set to see how low your students can go while testing their flexibility.

Keep students moving to the beat using DVDs, CDs, and mats that guide them through routines. From Kindergarten through high school, users can follow along by placing their feet on the correct numbers on the mat. These mats also creatively introduce younger students to colors, numbers, and letters.

Purchase rhythm and dance sets from Gopher to incorporate movement and music into your lesson plan!

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