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Indoor FlipDown Target™ Set
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TripleShot Disc Target Set
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Innova™ SkillShot™ Portable Disc Golf Target
GoDark Disc

GoDark Disc

ClassPlus™ CompleteCourse™ Disc Golf Pack
Gopher QuikShot™ Portable Targets
Gopher BigShot™ Disc
DISCatcher® Permanent-Mount Disc Golf Target

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Buy disc golfing discs and targets from Gopher Sport to encourage movement and coordination during PE classes!

Disc golf is a great way to get students moving indoors and out while learning how to throw and aim.

Gopher’s selection of targets and Frisbee golf discs give PE teachers the ability to alter equipment to the needs of their classes. Discs are available in a variety of materials and give golfers a wide choice of textures to throw with. Add in disc golf targets to increase skills and engagement.

Buy discs and disc golf equipment at Gopher!