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Rainbow Koala Coated-Foam Discs
Rainbow SkyBlazer Foam Discs
Rainbow Spin Jammer Specialty Discs
Frisbee Heavyweight Disc
Frisbee Freestyle Disc
Rainbow AirMaster Plastic Discs
Rainbow AirRanger Plastic Discs
Rainbow Disc Bonanza Packs
Rainbow SoftSoar Foam Discs
Rainbow AirCommander Plastic Discs
Screamin' Orange FlexFly Discs
Frisbee All-Sport Disc
Dynamix All-Around Disc
Frisbee Pro Classic Disc
Fun Gripper Disc

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Shop for durable recreational and disc golfing discs from Gopher Sport!

Whether teaching basic throwing skills or playing an ambitious game of Ultimate Frisbee, our long-lasting discs are ready for action during PE classes. Brightly-colored discs with contemporary graphics vary in flexibility and weights, giving students control and stability with each throw.

In need of discs for younger students? Gopher’s soft discs are extremely light and non-intimidating thanks to a foam design. Great for first games of toss and catch, students will be able to focus on form and enjoyment!

Find durable recreational flying discs your students will enjoy using at Gopher!

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