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EnormaSport™ Egg and Spoon Set

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Oversized set for colossal fun and successes!

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It takes skill and coordination to get from start to finish without dropping your egg—luckily, these oversized options are the perfect way to teach these critical skills. Set up any number of relay activities for kids, combining skill development with fun for field day activities that are sure to keep excitement high.

Superior Skill Development

This egg spoon game is a simple and effective way to develop and refine a huge number of fundamental motor skills. Balancing the egg in and of itself is a test of dexterity and when combined with walking, emphasizes hand/eye coordination and balance. As the game speeds up, these critical skills are put to the test, along with a student’s ability to keep their cool as the competition heats up around them. Teachers can even add obstacles for an extra challenge, encouraging students to go under, over, and around barriers while still maintaining control over the balance of their egg.

Great for Beginners

The oversized nature of these large 5” dia eggs makes them easier to handle than much smaller options, presenting a test that’s perfect for younger students. The eggs are also slightly weighted at the bottom, delivering a center of gravity that fits perfectly within the groove of the spoon. This complementary construction boosts the confidence of younger students, while also providing a challenge.

If a student loses control and an egg topples off the 15”L spoon onto the ground, there’s no harm done! Plastic construction ensures they won’t crack or break, unlike a real egg that will leave behind a major mess to clean up. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor games.

Vibrant Colors

Rainbow® colors are a great way to get students involved, thanks to their non-intimidating appearance. Six different color options also make dividing classes up into teams easier. Have blue and green race against each other in a balancing relay, while teams of yellow and red go head to head versus orange and purple, handing off eggs as they traverse obstacles!


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