Four Way Tug of War Ropes

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Multiple-rope design for groups of 20 or more!

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Turn a traditional game of tug-of-war into an exciting activity that involves strategy, strength, and teamwork! Four-way tug of war gets the whole class involved, with the ability to tailor games around the age and skill levels of your students. Durable rope materials won’t break or stretch under heavy duress, providing stability and reliability in every team tug-of-war game.

Numerous Play Styles

Traditional tug of war is a class favorite at any age. With 2 more teams involved, the action, strategy, and excitement of a traditional game doubles! Students will quickly learn that their opponent isn’t just across from them, but next to them as well. Start a 4-way tug-of-war game where it’s every team for themselves and watch students try with all of their might to gain a foothold. Or, pit teams against each other two-on-two, to add pulling power to both sides.

Accommodates the Whole Class

Most generic tug of war games involve 2 teams of 8 students pulling laterally. Because these ropes can accommodate up to 4 teams of 8, your entire class can quickly get in on the action and pull in any direction! Teachers can rotate captains and anchors after each round to disrupt play and keep things creative, giving every student the chance to be a hero as they pull their team to victory.

Challenge every student to try their skills as captain, anchor, or a pack puller and build their confidence as they find the position that’s right for them.

Durable Materials and Construction

Three rope materials allow instructors to outfit their classes with the perfect option for field day activities. Manila is durable and flexible, with a noticeable heft that is perfect for older students. Un-manila is a synthetic alternative that offers a much lighter hand feel that’s ideal for younger ages, as well as an added resilience in the face of moisture. Polydacron—made with polypropylene and Dacron materials— is soft on the hands and won’t compromise even when pulled to the extreme.

Each rope option is designed with a 10’ center square that serves as the nucleus for all 4 teams. At each corner of the square, 20’L of rope extends to accommodate the entire team, complete with loops at the ends for anchoring. Ropes are 1” thick for superior durability.

Four-Way Tug-of-War Rope Options

Four-Way Tug-of-War Ropes are available in 3 materials.

  • Manila, 38 lb
  • Un-Manila, 27 lb
  • Polydacron, 32 lb