Gladiator 4-Way Tug of War Game

A new spin on a traditional activity!


Strap in for fun and dig deep to get to your corner before your opponents can drag you to theirs! This twist on tug of war pits 4 students against each other with the objective of each player getting to their own cone, placed 10-12 feet away—if you can pull yourself to your cone and knock the ball off the top, you win!

A Full-Body Challenge

When students strap themselves into the buckle harness for this tug rope game, they’re gearing up for a full-body workout! As they strain to pull themselves and their opponents to their corner, students will push with their legs and lower-body, crawl forward with emphasis on their arms and shoulders, and work their core as they brace themselves against the opposition. Though their cone may only be 10-12 feet away, getting there is going to be a workout!

Adjust the intensity of this game by simply moving cones further away from the starting point, or by pairing students with new opponents who will test their resolve to win. Different game styles challenge the mind as well—students will need to think strategically to beat opponents who may be winning the physical battle.

Fun on Field Day

Tug ropes are a great addition to field day. Not only is it quick and easy to set up a tug-o-war game, nearly any student can participate. Because players will find themselves pulling, crawling, and clawing their way to their corner, this game is best played on grass or another soft surface.

Field day is also the perfect opportunity to indulge your students with this exciting game in an environment that’s big enough to accommodate it. The square of the tug rope measures 19” sq and serves as a central point. Extending from all four corners is 40”L of rope and an attached harness, identified with a color that corresponds to the color of the cone each student is vying for.

Convenient Storage

An included zip storage bag holds everything needed to quickly transport and set up this game on field day. The 4-way harness, 4 cones, 4 balls, and 8 snaplinks all conveniently stow inside the bag. The bag itself is also low-profile enough to fit perfectly in storage, taking up minimal room in equipment closets and sheds. It can even be hung to conserve precious floor space.

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