Heavy-Duty Balloons


Colorful, high-quality rubber balloons.

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Less intimidating than an activity ball, with lightweight and lofty properties that keep them up in the air and off of the ground, balloons enhance a variety of activities for kids. Use balloons to test skills, introduce games at a slower pace, or just for fun in a variety of field day games. Two sizes are available for different ages and styles of play.


For younger students the prospect of many activity balls can be scary—especially in fast-paced play situations that are new. Balloons replace intimidation with a welcome reprieve as students quickly see how lightweight and gentle balloons are. Whether it’s learning to spike a volleyball or understanding how to juggle a soccer ball without using your hands, students will better engage themselves in a new activity supported by a balloon.

The lofty nature of balloons helps students focus more on their bodies and movements, rather than on the ball—balloons won’t travel as fast or with as much force, giving players time to think and react. The non-intimidating design also encourages students to get into the activity with their whole body. Balloons won’t hurt when they’re bounced off the head, hands, elbows, forearms, or knees.

Durable Construction

Durable rubber is ideal for maximum air retention, without being so thick as to match an activity ball. Fill balloons with air or helium, depending on the desired pace of play. No matter what they’re filled with, the durable bladder of the balloon will stand up to bumps, hits, slaps, and even kicks, providing a full range of activity options.

Two sizes –7” and 12” dia—allow teachers to blow up balloons that are ideal for their class age or activity type. Smaller balloons make a harder target to hit, while 12” dia options are great for group and partner play.

Heavy-Duty Balloon Options

Heavy-Duty Balloons are available in 2 sizes. Hand Inflator sold separately.

  • 7” dia, Set of 144
  • 12” dia, Set of 72
  • Hand inflator

CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for children under 8 yrs.