PowerPull® Tug of War Ropes

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Tough seat-belt webbing and hand loops provide a comfortable grip without the slip.

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Prevent rope burn and slipping in your next tug-of-war game and give your students the stability and control they need in a game of attrition. These polyester tug-of-war ropes are rated for superior strength, available in 3 varieties designed to support your entire class.

Ultra-Safe Design

Where traditional ropes can slip through a student's hands when pulled, causing rope burns, lacerations, and callouses; these innovative alternatives will incite a superior degree of safety. A no-slip grip eliminates issues of control that could lead to injury and gives students confidence as they dig in and bear down.

Two anchor pull loops add balance to the entire team. The loops themselves are double box stitched, preventing ripping and tearing that might otherwise compromise a student’s control as they’re tugging the rope. Anchor loops can be adjusted to fit a single player per loop, safely expanding the game based on the number of players.

Extreme Durability

Unlike traditional manila or un-manila materials, polyester tug of war ropes exude a resilience and durability that’s rated in excess of 10,000 lb of pulling pressure! Simply put: these ropes won’t break, no matter how intense the game is or how old the rope is. Despite being steadfastly durable, however, the construction of PowerPull® Ropes is conversely very lightweight, with strategic stitching used to reinforce key areas of stress.

Three Size Options

Get the entire class involved in your next tug of war game thanks to 3 unique sizes of PowerPull® Ropes. 37’L ropes are great for 10-20 players and 46’L ropes accommodate 14-28 students. Quad also features four 17’6”L ropes on a center ring, with hand loops for up to 10-40 players. Create 2 team with the Quad by having 2 rope sections work together and against the other 2.

PowerPull® Rope Options

PowerPull® Ropes are available in 3 lengths and a four-way option.

  • 37’L, 20 Loops
  • 46’L, 28 Loops
  • Quad Pull, 20 loops