Rainbow® KangaSack™ Set


Premium sacks with pouch add a new dimension to races.

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Take sack races to a whole new level! These one-size-fits-all jumping bags are designed for students of all ages, with a comfortable construction that’s easy to handle and maneuver. A front pouch opens a world of possibilities for different relay games and challenges. Rainbow® colors make it easy to quickly organizes races and relays across your entire class.

Accommodating Design

Where other bags are constructed with a stitched seam along the bottom of the bag that makes it hard to stay upright, these colorful potato sacks feature a flat bottom that offers stability when standing still. When it’s time for students to hop forward, they can grab either 1 of 2 sewn-in handles for support—one is stitched into the top of the sack, while the other is placed 6” lower on the interior. Depending on the size or age of the student, they can quickly grip the handle that’s appropriate for them. Each bag is 26”H x 16” dia.

What makes these sack race bags unique is their front 9” x 9” pocket construction, which easily accommodates small objects that are part of relay races. Have students hop to the finish line, pull a small ball from their pouch, and toss it into a bucket for an accuracy challenge. Or, have students grab an egg, hop through an obstacle course, and place the egg on a partner’s spoon for the last leg of a multi-activity relay.

Durable Construction

Made with fully-recycled polyethylene fabric, your students will enjoy supreme durability and excellent resilience from these jumping bags. The fabric won’t break down or tear under duress, won’t succumb to UV light fading, and won’t shrink if exposed to moisture. Moreover, the flat constructed bottom prevents ripping and loosening where the seams of other bags may begin to fail.

Vibrant Colors

Rainbow® colors are perfect for breaking students up into individual racers, teams, or partners. Race students individually by color to see who’s the fastest, or pair these sacks with other Rainbow® products to keep relay colors consistent. The front pockets of each bag are also color-coded, allowing teachers to split students up into 3 teams of 2 students without requiring additional sets.