SchoolPlus™ Field Day Pack


Includes all you need to play on Field Day!

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Give your students a full range of activities to keep them engaged and excited on field day! This pack provides opportunities for multiple PE field day activities, from sack races to egg and spoon games, and beyond. The accompanying 256-page field day guide contains numerous suggestions for field day activities, tried and submitted by other PE teachers!


Everything You Need

Field day is all about presenting students with numerous activities, challenges, and team games, to test their skills and provide them with a full day’s worth of excitement. This set includes absolutely everything needed to accomplish this goal!

Numerous Rainbow® Sets of items make pairing students off and teaming them up simple. Use included buckets and beanbags for group tossing and accuracy challenges, or set up relays with spoons and eggs and cones to see which team can get through the fastest. The Rainbow® colors quickly integrate the full range of activities presented in this pack, as opposed to just having multiple standalone activities.

Each different item included also promotes a different aspect of play, to ensure your field day is a complete success. Kanga Sacks keep lower bodies moving and emphasize balance, while tug-of-war puts upper body strength and teamwork to the test. When the day is over, students will have experienced a full range of fun that also builds on critical skills and promotes fundamental development all the way around.

Numerous Games and Activities

Staple games like tug-of-war or relay races will always be a part of field day, but mixing things up and putting a twist on traditional games is a great way to keep your students engaged all day long. The SchoolPlus™ Field Day Guidebook contains 254 pages of activity ideas that are proven to be fun and stimulating—they’ve been tested and submitted by PE teachers from around the country! Even students who have mastered traditional games will find themselves at odds with new variables and rules that will make them think!