Ultimate 4 Way Tug of War Ropes


Get even more out of your four-way rope!

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Our strongest four-way tug-of-war rope, this option supports 2 to 4 teams in a battle to see who’s the strongest and most resilient in a game of attrition. Four lengthy sections of manila rope are tethered to a steel ring, providing a strong focal point that won’t compromise when stressed from all angles. Great for outdoor play!

Supreme Durability

Manila fibers are the strongest option for tug-of-war ropes—especially when woven to a thick 1” dia that offers great grip and a supportive texture. These ropes absorb sweat and light moisture to prevent slickness when tugging, further preventing slips and jarring that might take their toll on the people tugging and the rope itself.

At the center of the four-way design, a metal ring stands as a reinforced nucleus, providing stability for students during games. Each connecting rope is spliced onto the steel ring via a metal thimble, which means try as they might to pull, your students won’t even begin to budge the construction of these 40 lb four-way ropes.

Each rope length is capped with a hand-spliced loop for additional grip from anchor players.

Adjustable Play

Because each segment of rope is anchored to a steel central ring, it’s easy for teachers to swivel and position teams around a central pivot point for a variety of exciting and strategic games. Do a 4-on-4 free for all, a 2-on-2 team battle, or even turn the tables on a favored team with a 3-on-1 showdown! With each new variation of play comes a new strategy and a new chance for your students to test their mind and their might as they struggle to win the tug-of-war battle.

Great for Field Day

Tug-of-war—especially four-way—is a great way to get a large number of students in the game at the same time. More so, it’s also the perfect way to encourage teamwork during a full-body workout. As a result, these durable ropes are a great focal point for field days. Students from across the same grade level can compete, with winners going on to play other teams at higher levels—or, combine students from all grade levels into teams for ageless fun!

Tug-of-war is best played outdoors, since students will need to dig in and pull in an environment that offers them traction and control. Grass is also ideal for games where students might fall to their knees pulling or literally pull themselves to victory.