Water Balloon Launcher

Slingshot launches water balloons over 120 yards!


Get a group of students together to see who can launch a water balloon the furthest and with the most accuracy! A student favorite on field day, this launcher is capable of amazing distance when utilized as a team. Strong construction means it’ll keep launching water balloons for years to come.

Emphasizes Teamwork

Get a student on both sides of the launcher to hold it in place, with a third pulling back the cradled balloon, and you’ve got a recipe for a number of team games for kids! Students will need to work together to steady the launcher, aim it, pull back for force, and release the balloon accurately, making this a team effort through and through.

Rotate students to give each a chance at firing the launcher to keep everyone happy and involved. As students learn more about the importance of each position, they’ll begin to understand what they can do to help increase flight distance and balloon accuracy.

Durable Construction

This slingshot water balloon launcher is made with surgical tubing, which is the most durable and stretchy tubing available. The result is better tension and easier handling of the slingshot, which equates to smoother momentum and better distance and accuracy for balloons being fired. All told, the elastic of this setup can launch balloons further than 120 yards!

The cradle for the 3” dia balloons is constructed with a canvas material that’s far superior to nylon in terms of resisting wear and tear. Canvas is also smooth to the touch and more accommodating to the delicate nature of water balloons, lessening misfires and premature popping.

Water Balloon Launcher Options

Water Balloon Launchers are available in a set with 144 balloons. Refill of 100 sold separately. Colors may vary.

  • Launcher Set
  • Balloon Refill

CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for children under 8 yrs. 

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