Teach-nique™ Perceived Exertion Banner

Give students a way to rate their activity intensity.


Help your students better understand the amount of energy they are exerting based on their comfort level, ability to talk, and percentage of maximum heart rate so they can better identify and match the appropriate levels of exertion for specific activities. This enormous 3’ x 5’ poster features color-coded information for visual reinforcement for the entire class, even when they are across the gym!

Important Exertion Information

Exertion ratings are color-coded on the banner and numbered, with red being the highest and blue the lowest. A corresponding exertion level explains how long that level should be maintained, so students quickly correlate how hard they are working. Red is the highest and can be maintained only for 10-30 seconds, yellow is next and must be maintained for 5-10 minutes, then, green, purple, and blue is the lowest. Each chart also displays the percentage of your maximum heart rate maximum for each exertion level.

Each exertion level in the banner also uses the example of the Talk Test. For example, if you are operating at your full 10-9 exertion level (red), you should not be able to talk while working out. If you are in the green 6-5 exertion level, you should be able to complete a couple sentences at a time while experiencing moderate shortness of breath. This is a simple and effective way to gauge individual performance.

Banner Features & Benefits

  • At 3’ x 5’, this enormous banner is a quick and easy point of reference that teachers can place anywhere in the gym and students can easily see. Even students across the gym in the midst of activity can easily reference the instruction without moving!
  • Each banner is made of heavy-duty vinyl so it resists ripping and fraying and looks like new for years.
  • Each banner features metal grommets, allowing for easy display on a wall and take down in mere seconds when the space is needed for other classes or activities. 
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