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DuraHoop Revolution
DuraHoopPlus Hoops
DuraHoop Flat

DuraHoop Flat

DuraHoop Skinny

DuraHoop Skinny

Hoop Storage Rack
DuraHoop Cart
Magnus Hoop Caddy
Hoop Coupe Storage Bags

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Shop for versatile and safe hula hoops for sale at Gopher Sport!

Engineered for institutional use, Gopher has your school covered with a wide variety of hoops! Our hoops are among the strongest and safest on the market. The fused, kink-proof design withstands daily use by students of any age during PE classes and recess.

Students will enjoy creating their own hula hoop games using the brightly-colored options. PE teachers can creatively use the hoops for traditional activities, like spinning them around the waist. You can also use accessories to set up fun obstacle courses or for agility training.

Purchase your next set of durable hoops from Gopher!

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