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EZ Turn™ Segmented Ropes
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Shop for high-quality jump ropes at Gopher Sport!

Jump ropes are a perfect addition to any PE class or workout! They are versatile and can be used in plenty of ways, from just simply jumping rope, to obstacle courses, to fitness regimes.

Teachers and coaches will find durable kids' jump ropes ideal for schools and routine use by large groups. Speed ropes are excellent for agility training during PE classes or as a warmup before practice. There are also Chinese jump ropes for a unique challenge with ropes parallel to the floor. Students can work on teamwork skills and learn how to jump simultaneously using a Double Dutch jump rope.

With several jump ropes available in different materials and for varied purposes, you can choose the one that works best for your students and athletes!

Which Jump Rope is Right for Me?

PVC: Durable, lightweight, and easy to turn at high speeds. Preferred by speed jumpers but suitable for all skill levels.

Segmented Plastic: High-durability plus enough weight to turn well at slower speeds. The sound made as it hits the floor helps jumpers maintain a regular, rhythmic pattern. Great for group jumping.

Braided Polyester: Very durable, non-kinking, and heavy enough to hold a good arc; slides easily on the floor. For all skill levels.

Polypropylene: Extremely durable, won’t twist, tangle, or fray, yet light enough for fast turning; knotted ends (instead of handles) increase safety. Ideal for beginners but suitable for all skill levels.

Cotton: Soft, lightweight, and plastic. For all skill levels.

Choose a Length: 

Length of Ropes Height of Jumpers
6’L Up to 4'5" Tall
7’L 4’5”-4’10” Tall
8’L 4’10”-5’3” Tall
9’L 5’3”-5’10” Tall
10’L Over 5’10” Tall
16’L For multiple turners or jumpers