Cable Speed Ropes

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The fastest workout rope we carry features perpendicular handle design, perfect for cross training workouts and "double-unders."

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Train faster and harder! Cable Rope (Blue Handle) features an impact-resistant polymer handle and bearing. The faster Elite Surge Cable (Red Handle) works great for "triple-unders," thanks to premium ball-bearing handles. Both versions have handles with thumb rests for increased speed and rope control.

For Serious Athletes

Made specifically for advanced jumpers and seasoned athletes, the design of these ropes offers optimal control for double- and triple-unders, crosses, and other techniques. Fast-paced jumps, such as double-unders, increase a user's overall speed, coordination, power, and endurance, which translates to improved performance in sports, running, and everyday tasks.

Used in many fitness training regimens and CrossFit® workouts, these cable ropes help serious trainers maintain high cardiovascular levels and promote muscular endurance. Higher rates of rope revolution take fundamental timing and coordination skills to the next level, while the weight of the rope itself demands balance from jumpers, especially when practicing advanced techniques.

Designed for Speed

The cable construction, paired with ball-bearing handles, help the rope spin extremely fast, while maintaining a smooth, fluid turn. The rope itself is incredibly thin, yet heavy enough to provide the momentum needed for fast revolutions. Its durable design holds up to repeated strikes on a gym floor at rapid speeds.

Simple Customization

Choose the Cable Rope with a polymer handle and bearing. The Elite Rope features an anodized aluminum handle and 2 metal bearings. This process converts the metal surface into a durable corrosion-resistant piece with a sleek finish and makes the rope spin even faster for triple-unders.

Both ropes come in a 12'L, but can easily be cut for a tailored training approach. A correctly-sized rope will have the handles up to the armpits when the middle of the rope is under the user's feet. Trim the rope by loosening the clasp that moves down the rope to your desired length. Then simply cut the cable and retighten the clasp.

Cable Speed Ropes Options

Cable Speed Ropes are available in 2 handle options. Colors may vary.

  • Cable Speed Rope
  • Elite Surge Speed Rope