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Cable Speed Ropes


The fastest workout ropes we carry features perpendicular handle design, perfect for cross training workouts and double-unders!

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These two premium speed ropes feature blazing speed and control for mastery of double- and even triple-unders. Used in many fitness training regimens and CrossFit workouts, these cable ropes help serious trainers maintain high cardiovascular levels and promote muscular endurance.

Designed for Speed

Made specifically for advanced jumpers and seasoned athletes, the design of these ropes offers optimal control for double- and triple-unders, crosses, and other techniques. Ball bearings in the handles provide a lightning-fast spin while maintaining a smooth, fluid turn. The rope itself is incredibly thin, yet heavy enough to provide the momentum needed for fast revolutions. Its durable design holds up to repeated strikes on a gym floor at rapid speeds.

Simple Customization

Choose between two rope designs to meet your needs.

  • Cable Rope features an impact-resistant polymer handle and single ball bearing.
  • Elite Rope features an anodized aluminum handle and two ball bearings for an even faster spin. Anodizing adds corrosion resistance and a sleek finish.

Both ropes are 12'L, but can easily be cut for a tailored training approach. Trim the rope by loosening the clasp and moving it to the desired length, cutting the cable, and closing the clasp. Colors may vary.