Chinese Jump Rope Pack


Popular Chinese jump rope jumping activity promotes balance and coordination.

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Chinese jump ropes add a new dimension outside classic jump roping and allow for a variety of new activities that are perfect for gym class, dance class, or recess. Build a new activity into your jump rope unit and help your kids practice critical coordination skills. These colorful rubber cords are durable and resilient, with adjustable degrees of difficulty to keep activities interesting for all ages.

Exciting Activities

A departure from traditional jump rope games, Chinese jump ropes offer an exciting new gamut of activities! Complete with a DVD companion, MelAimee Chinese Jump Rope, featuring 11 easy-to-learn games, these elastic bands make for ideal group activities. Two players (enders) hold the bands on their legs, with a person in the middle who must perform a series of jumps or commands, without making a mistake or stopping. Various “Simon says” style activities make for a fun challenge!

Ideal at Any Age

Quickly adjust the degree of difficulty of these elastic bands by moving them up or down the enders' legs, creating scalable fun for all skill levels. The speed of any activity can also be adjusted, to slow things down for beginners or amp up the tempo for skilled jumpers. With both 8’L and 16’L options available, adding more people to the mix is easy and can serve to increase or decrease difficulty between single players and teams.

Build Critical Skills

These elastic bands build coordination, agility, and endurance. Students will remain aware of jumping commands at all times to coordinate their feet and eyes, while timing plays an integral role in staying on beat with the enders. Completing successively harder routines builds on fundamental skills and pushes kids to anticipate and react in a fun and energetic way. If you need a little help getting started, the instructional DVD shows students how to perform 11 fun and easy-to-learn games.

Chinese Jump Rope Pack Options

Chinese Jump Rope Packs are available in Packs with an instructional DVD, or Sets of 6. DVD also available individually.

Chinese Jump Rope Pack

Includes 8 ea single-loop, 8'L ropes, 2 ea double-loop, 16'L ropes, and an instructional DVD (42 min.).

Chinese Jump Rope Sets

Includes a Set of 6 ropes and a storage bag.

  • 8'L Ropes, Purple
  • 16'L Ropes, Yellow Individual Components
  • Instructional DVD

Individual Components

  • Instructional DVD