Cotton Jump Ropes

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Classic cotton jump rope is both soft and durable.

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The classic jump rope is soft and less intimidating, with durable wooden handles for maximum longevity.


Standard cotton and wood, without the frills, makes these ropes a simple and welcoming option for teaching jump rope to beginners. These ropes function seamlessly, without any added heft or noise, to make jumping simpler and less intimidating. The soft cotton of the rope itself is gentle to the touch, and won't hurt if a jump is missed and the rope hits the jumper's legs.

Great Durability

The wooden handles of these ropes makes them an unparalleled choice for durability. Coupled with the lightweight, yet highly resilient braided cotton rope, durability is a core pillar of these jump ropes.

Use indoors and use as often as you like! These ropes will stand up to years of everyday use.

Perfect for Beginners

Thanks to their simple design and natural feel, these ropes can be used to teach beginners jump rope technique in all its various forms. The lightweight construction allows kids to experiment with jumping pace, while the no-hurt rope makes forays into games like Double Dutch exciting and fun, rather than intimidating.

With rope lengths printed clearly on the 4-5/8"L handle, it’s easy for students to find a size that’s right for them. All ropes are 5/16" dia.

Cotton Jump Ropes Options

Cotton Jump Ropes are available in sets of 6, in 6 lengths.

  • 6'L
  • 7'L
  • 8'L
  • 9'L
  • 10'L
  • 16'L
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