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Cotton Jump Ropes

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Classic cotton jump rope is both soft and durable.

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This classic jump rope is soft and less intimidating, with durable wooden handles for maximum longevity.


No-frills cotton and wood construction makes these ropes essential equipment for teaching jump rope to beginners. Cotton ropes are light and quiet, allowing for a less intimidating experience for new jumpers. The soft cotton is friendly to the touch, so students won't fear missed jumps.

Durable Design

Wooden handles stand up to repeated use in shared or institutional settings. Highly resilient braided cotton ropes resist fraying, whether used indoors or out. The simple yet effective design of these ropes will make them a mainstay of your jumping unit for years.

With rope lengths printed clearly on the 4-5/8"L handle, it’s easy for students to find a size that’s right for them. All ropes are 5/16" dia.

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