ErgoTurn™ Speed Rope

Ergonomic handles give this cable jump rope a secure and comfortable turn!


Designed for advanced jumpers, these ropes are ideal for speed and comfort. Textured, contoured handles with a unique thumb rest give students a more comfortable and reliable grip, even at higher speeds.

Comfortable, Controlled Grip

A one-of-a-kind, ergonomic 5-1/2"L handle gives students exceptional comfort and control. This decreases stress on hands and wrists and also the risk of the handle slipping out of sweaty hands at high speeds. A contoured textured thumb rests adds to the student's control and prevents cramping during extended workout sessions.

Metal ball bearings evenly distribute the weight of the rope to improve fluidity without hampering speed. They also allow for a smooth and fast rotation of the rope, creating a more efficient and effective workout.

Designed for Athletes

This advanced rope takes fundamental jumping skills to the next level and encourages seasoned athletes to push themselves and master more advanced techniques. Faster spinning means higher cardiovascular activity, emphasizing enhanced coordination and cognizance of form. Increased heart rate, coordination, and speed have overarching benefits that last a lifetime.

Durable and Customizable

The lightweight nature of the cable allows for high speed revolutions without overexertion from the jumper. A durable red coating protects it from repeated contact with gym floors. Indoor use is recommended to extend the rope's life.

ErgoTurn™ comes in a 10'L, but It can easily be cut to an appropriate length for optimal performance. To ensure a correctly-sized rope, the handles should reach the armpits when the user is standing on the middle of the rope. To cut it, move the clasp near the handle down the rope to your desired length, cut the cable, and retighten the clasp.

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