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EZ Turn Segmented Ropes

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The smoothest- and fastest-turning beaded segmented jump rope you can buy!

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The no-slip grip pattern and unique molded-plastic ball bearing in each handle provides fluid, fast, and controlled revolutions. These ropes are engineered for lasting performance, featuring durable, plastic segments and sturdy, one-piece ergonomic handles. A variety of sizes and vibrant colors makes them ideal for teaching beginners the fundamentals in an institutional setting!

Introductory Design

Plastic ball bearings molded into the 5-1/2"L handles, combined with the extra weight of the segmented rope itself, propel momentum as a student jumps. This emphasis on design creates slower, smoother revolutions with less effort as friction is reduced. This helps beginners master the timing of their jumps, without tiring from spinning the rope.

Complementary to their heavier design, these ropes are ideal for beginners thanks to the audial cues given off when rope segments strike the ground. This helps students keep time when jumping. The slower revolutions of this rope—without excess force required to spin it—places emphasis on keeping a consistent pace, rather than worrying about speed.

Comfortable Handles

Ergonomic handles further increase the comfort level for beginners and put less strain on the body as hands are in a natural, non-strained position. A no-slip grip prevents mishandling and keeps handles secure in hands, even when they get sweaty. One-piece molded-plastic construction means they won't split in half.

Built to Last

The durable 1-1/2"L plastic segments are designed to stand up to the heavy wear and tear of PE use on a regular basis. The segments are strung onto a solid braided nylon cord, enhancing the rope's overall longevity.

Available with brightly-cored segments in varying lengths, it’s easy to acclimate kids with an ideal-fitting rope. Rope color designates length, making it extremely easy for students to remember which length works best for them, even weeks later! The longer 16'L rope can be used for Double Dutch.

EZ Turn Segmented Ropes Options

EZ Turn Segmented Ropes are available in sets of 6.

  • 6'L, Red
  • 7'L, Orange
  • 8'L, Yellow
  • 9'L, Green
  • 10'L, Blue
  • 16'L, Purple
Which jump rope length is right for me?
Which jump rope material is right for me?


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