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MeasureUp™ Jump Rope Rack

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Staggered-height jump rope storage hooks make it easy to select the correct jump rope length every time!

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Never select the wrong jump rope again! From PVC to segmented, the MeasureUp™ Jump Rope Rack works with any type of jump rope and is designed to help students select the perfect length rope. A series of staggered hooks separate the various rope sizes, and indicate to students which size best fits them.

Simple Selection

This rack solves eliminates the problem of choosing the correct length jump rope! The MeasureUp™ Jump Rope Rack is the only rack on the market that gives students the ability to find the appropriate rope in seconds. Our innovative design strategically places the jump rope holder bars at the correct height for students. All they have to do is stand next to the rack and find the appropriate holder that lines up with their sternum. Large numbers on the rack also identify the length of the rope, making it even easier to select a jump rope.

Time-Saving Design

The convenient design of the MeasureUp™ Jump Rope Rack helps teachers make the most of their time as well. Because students can easily select the correct rope, instructors can instead focus more teaching correct jumping form. The rack holds more than 100 ropes ranging from 6’L-10’L, so you only need one rack to suit the needs of several classes. It’s large enough that several students can grab a rope at a glance at once, saving time so class can begin sooner.

Remarkable Durability

We designed this rack to last! The MeasureUp™ Jump Rope Rack features powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability. A wide base keeps it stable when standing still and in transit. The rack moves easily and effortlessly through doorways. Simply lock the casters to keep it in place so it will not roll as students select their jump ropes. Rack can be used indoors or out. Assembly is required. Rack measures 42-1/2”L x 20”W x 64”H; 50 lb.

MeasureUp™ Jump Rope Rack Packs Options

MeasureUp™ Jump Rope Racks are available in packs with jump ropes or individually.

MeasureUp™ Jump Rope Rack with Segmented Ropes Packs. Include 60 Segmented Ropes (12 ea 6'L, 7'L, 8'L, 9'L, and 10'L) and a MeasureUp™ Rack.

MeasureUp™ Jump Rope Rack with Speed Ropes Packs. Include 60 Speed Ropes (12 ea 6'L, 7'L, 8'L, 9'L, and 10'L) and a MeasureUp™ Rack.

Individual Components

  • MeasureUp™ Rack


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