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QuickTurn Speed Jump Ropes

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Comfortable, tapered handles and bright Rainbow rope colors.

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These ropes offer a thicker construction that harnesses momentu and an ergonomic grip that facilitates total control at all times. Rainbow colors make skipping rope easy and allow instructors to quickly organize and store different lengths.

Streamlined Design

Thicker 1/4” dia PVC rope material holds more momentum to turn ropes quicker and maintain consistent speed. For younger users, thicker ropes are slower-starting, keeping the pace lower and easier to control. No matter the speed, ergonomic grips offer support and control, even when palms are sweaty!

Durable Construction

Single-piece PVC construction eliminates weakness from seams. These ropes withstand skipping off almost any surface indoors or out, and make a distinct clicking noise on contact to help students with their timing.

Single-piece molded plastic handles are thicker than others, ensuring they’ll stand up to routine institutional use. Measuring 5-1/2”L x 1-1/2” dia, they’re easy to grip and offer superior stability in at any skill level.

Different Lengths and Colors

All ropes offer a marker on the handle that allows students to quickly identify the length. Rainbow colors are optimal for organization, facilitating quicker setup and cleanup. Screamin' Orange adds a vibrant pop of color for added fun. Available in 5 rope lengths. Our longest 16’L ropes are perfect for Double Dutch and partner jumping activities.

Available in Sets of 6 or a Rainbow Rack Pack. Pack includes 30 jump ropes (1 set ea 6'-16'L) and a Magnus Jump Rope Rack.

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