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Rainbow Jump Bands


Give your students a jumpstart on fitness with this fun activity pack and dance game!

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Toss the poles aside and teach Tinikling with convenient elastic bands that promote agility, coordination, endurance, and rhythm. Bands are worn around students' ankles, helping dancers and “clinkers” work together as a team. Easy to store and quick to set up, these bands are convenient for both teachers and students.

Great for Group Fun

Tinkling requires two clinkers and at least one dancer. Clinkers work together to coordinate movement of the bands, while dancers jump and move to the rhythm of the music, avoiding the bands. This set contains six bands for up to six teams to get the whole class involved in Tinikling!

Skill Development

Dancers and clinkers alike will benefit from the momentum of Tinkling as it pushes cardiovascular movement. With constant motion, students learn agility, coordination, and endurance, along with communication among team members. Dancers must avoid the bands, keeping them focused and reacting throughout the routine; clinkers must work together to move in sync, promoting rhythm and teamwork. Colorful bands are easy to see while in motion.

Equal Participation

These jump bands have loops on each end for students to wear around their ankles as clinkers. They jump and use their feet to move the bands, rather than holding rigid jump poles in their hands. This allows clinkers better immerse themselves in the game and enjoy its physical benefits while clinking! Great for indoor and outdoor play. Once the fun is done, everything conveniently stores in a compact box.

Set includes 6 pr Jump Bands, 12 activity cards, Red Hot Peppers CD, and DVD with demonstrations of 10 fitness activities.


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