Segmented Jump Ropes with Foam-Covered Handles

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Cushioned foam grip is easier on the hands and safer if accidentally let loose.

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Made with durability, comfort, and safety in mind, these classic jump ropes offer it all! Premium comfort through their foam-covered handles makes them easy to grip and use, while the segmented design helps slow things down to make it easier for new jumpers, while also providing audial cues that keep time and pace consistent.

Comfortable Grip

Foam-covered 5"L plastic handles provide a cushion-grip profile that’s welcoming and comfortable in the hands of beginner jumpers and older students alike. Students will enjoy added control over the momentum of their ropes thanks to this reliable grip and won’t have to worry about discomfort after intense jumping sessions. Resistant to moisture—including sweat—these handles won’t become slick like hard plastic models will and potentially fly out of hands!

Simple for Beginners

Beginners will love the steadiness of these ropes! A heavier segmented design helps to keep revolutions controlled at a lesser pace, allowing kids to focus on their timing without being overwhelmed by a fast-spinning rope. As the rope spins and the 3/4"L segments skip off of the ground, audial cues help students time their jumps and match a rhythm.

Six lengths that are identified by the color of the rope (Red = 6', Purple = 16') makes it easy for students to find the rope that’s inclusive of their needs. Plus, next time they come to class, they will immediately reference the color to the rope they need, ensuring the right size every time!

Durable Design

Durable plastic under the friendly foam is lightweight yet durable and provides a secure handle that won't collapse under a student's firm grip. A ball-bearing swivel design keeps the ropes revolution consistent and smooth.

In addition to the resilient foam-covered handles that define these ropes, a nylon-braided rope enclosed by tough plastic segments is a superior choice for school settings. Great for both indoor and outdoor play, these will accept years of heavy use.

Segmented Jump Ropes with Foam-Covered Handles Options Segmented Jump Ropes with Foam-Covered Handles are available in sets of 6.

  • 6'L, Red
  • 7'L, Orange
  • 8'L, Yellow
  • 9'L, Green
  • 10'L, Blue
  • 16'L, Purple
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