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UltraFit™ Turn-N-Burn™ Speed Ropes

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Don't sacrifice the speed to get the burn you need with a fitness jump rope!

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The unique design of this rope gives you 2 ropes in 1, acting as either a basic jump rope or a weighted rope option.

2-in-1 Potential

Go from regular jump rope activities to weighted rope training in an instant, without having to switch ropes! Simply insert the included 1/2 lb weights into the handles of the rope, you’re able to take workups up a notch.

This rope is designed for speed, even with weights. A ball fused on each end of the solid PVC rope and enclosed in the handle ensures smooth, rapid turns.

When you're ready to switch back to regular jump or speed rope activities, simply remove the weights.

This dual dimension eliminates the need for multiple ropes, and is great for progression training, taking athletes to higher levels of cardiovascular toughness in their workouts.

For a More Intense Workout

Adding weight to the handles makes the user work harder to turn the rope, giving he/she a more intense workout. It specifically strengthens hands and forearms, while adding resistance on upper arms, upper back, and shoulders.

Because users are working harder against the resistance, training with this rope promotes endurance and agility, and enhances calorie burn and strength.

Comfort and Control Ergonomically designed, 6"L handles feature rubber grips to provide superior comfort and control for jumpers, even at high revolution speeds and throughout intense workouts.

Rope color designates length.

UltraFit™ Turn-N-Burn™ Speed Ropes Options

UltraFit™ Turn-N-Burn™ Speed Ropes are available in 3 lengths.

  • 8'L, Orange
  • 9'L, Blue
  • 10'L, Black
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