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EZ Turn Double Dutch
QuickTurn Double Dutch Ropes
Rainbow Jump Bands
Rainbow WhirlWind
Rainbow Hoop Jumpers
Chinese Jump Rope Pack
Gopher Tinikling Set
Rainbow Twirl 'n' Jump
ReadyJump Tinikling Set
Cantilever Umbrella

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Purchase equipment for jump rope activities from Gopher Sport to increase coordination skills in students!

Gopher has the equipment teachers need to expand jumping activities during PE classes or after-school programs. Our double dutch jump ropes encourage teamwork and communication as students turn the ropes or jump. Chinese jump ropes and tinikling sets also teach students about teamwork while keeping the rope or pole close to the ground for a new challenge.

If you’re looking for a way to individually assess footwork skills, check out our hoop jumpers. Student learn how to swing the hoop and jump, while still maintaining a constant arc for continuous movement. Continue to test students’ coordination and speed as they swing and jump over a whiffle ball attached to a cord.

Buy the tools teachers need for jump rope activities from Gopher!